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365 Adventure Rentals is dedicated to supporting our guests with satisfaction and relaxation. We value customer feedback and are always evolving to become the best travel company! Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the process of renting a house/condo, so that our guest will experience a wonderful trip thanks to 365 Adventure Rentals.



365 Adventure Rentals is a condo/house rental business that was founded for the consumer to enjoy properties in some of the best vacation spots in Hawaii and California, and for those looking to avoid the cost of booking fees that are now present on all vacation rental property platforms. When booking houses/condos and or properties, I myself am very budget conscience and look for the best possible booking experience, but most importantly where I can save the most money when reserving a property. That is why 365 Adventure Rentals was created, so guests whom are like me would be able to save themselves from the unnecessary booking fees that often push their vacation beyond their budget and can in turn save up to several hundreds of dollars by booking direct. 365 Adventure Rentals is here to save your wallet by booking one of our many properties directly. This was the way of the past through VRBO as it was set up as Vacation Rental by Owner to save guest money. So please inquire directly if you like to save your family money that can then be utilized for your vacation! 365 Adventure Rentals has a property for you, in prime destinations such as San Diego, Palm Springs, Yosemite, the San Francisco Bay Area, Mammoth Mountain, Hawaii and Maui! Join the adventure and explore what we have to offer and most importantly inquire directly in order to reserve a property at a lower price, so that your family and friends can save on booking fees allowing you to have more money to enjoy your vacation!


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